Year 7 camps 

Last week we went to camp, there was marvellous weather, so we were able to do all the amazing activities in the sun. The teachers and peer support students that came, were great. They were so supportive, and always encouraged us to step out of our comfort zone and try out everything. During this camp, we did lots of walking, bike riding, horse riding, swimming, and applying sunscreen, the highlight of the camp. And even if we were running out of energy, our teachers and peers pushed us on and helped us to achieve our goals. While our orientation camp, wasn’t much of an orientation (because it was supposed to be at the start of the year), we still all got to know each other more, and it was great to be out in nature with our friends. It was so great to finish with a blast after all the ups and downs of covid this year. 


-Ella Harbinson 7F, and Aphra Hughes-Fortescue 7F