Positive Climate for Learning

Grade 1-2 Learning Community

In our Positive Climate for Learning lessons, the Year 1/2 students have been learning about the Zones of Regulation. 


The Zones of Regulation supports us to recognise our emotions and gives us strategies to manage our emotions as well.

There are four zones and each zone is represented with a different colour. 


The BLUE zone can include emotions like sick, sad, tired and bored. If we’re feeling in the blue zone we could try eating a healthy snack or having a dance.


The GREEN zone is a calm state of alertness and it is the zone where optimal learning occurs. The green zone includes emotions like happy and focused. When we are in the green zone we show Whole Body Listening and earn Creek Coins!


The YELLOW zone can include emotions like excited and silly or nervous and stressed. If we’re feeling in the yellow zone we could try doing some slow breathing or talking to someone we trust.


The RED zone can be explained as feeling out of control and we might feel like yelling, screaming and kicking. If we’re feeling in the red zone we could try focusing on something else, talking to a grown up or taking some time to be alone.


Take a look at the photos of us, can you identify which zone we might be in?