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Meeting Report

At the meeting on Monday night School Council discussed the Parent Opinion Survey results and NAPLAN results for 2019.



The 2019 NAPLAN results were outstanding.  


The school has had a strong focus on reading over the last two years and it is pleasing to see that 86% of Year 3 students and 73% of Year 5 students are performing above the expected level in Reading.  This is a 10% increase in Year 3 and a 20% increase in Year 5 on the 2018 results.


In every area of the test at both Year 3 and Year 5, we performed better than similar, network and state schools.  Malvern Primary School is one of few schools in the state to ‘buck the trend’ by showing positive growth in all six key indicator areas (Reading, Writing, Numeracy / Relative Growth and Top Two Bands).


Based on our data we have identified Writing as the area we will focus our efforts in 2020.


Parent Opinion Survey

The Parent Opinion Survey results indicated improved parent opinion in a majority of areas in the survey, with the General Satisfaction remaining strong. 


Many of the areas we will focus on next are areas where there was a high ‘neutral’ response, indicating that we need to continue our work around improved communication.  These include information for parents around our strategic planning, curriculum, extension and support for students, assessment and student wellbeing. 


Bullying is a focus for all schools and Malvern Primary School will continue to address and monitor student safety and all forms of behaviour.  Malvern Primary School has a range of curriculum programs that are currently used. These programs will continually be reviewed and improved, to ensure our school values (Respect Ourselves and Respect Others) are demonstrated.

Next Working Bee

Sunday 17th November @ 8.30am to 12.30pm

School Council Meetings

The dates and times of the next School Council and Committee Meetings are as follows:


Traffic Working Party: Wednesday 6th November (6.30pm)

Buildings, Grounds and Sustainability: Thursday 7th November (6.30pm)

Education and Policy: TBA

Finance: Tuesday 12th November (5.45pm)

Parent Association: Tuesday 12th November (7.30) 


School Council: Monday 18th November – 7.30pm

Jim Giannopoulos