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Bicycle Hospital at Galilee

We have been approached by Dr Crankys who runs a school-based bike recycle program that aims to ensure all kids have access to a working bike. It does this by recycling bikes at school Bicycle Hospitals. These Bicycle Hospitals are run by parent volunteers. 


The Bicycle Hospital would ideally be open weekly either before or after school (to be determined by the parent helpers). 


Dr Crankys provide the tools, workstand, pump, parts, helmets and locks and training for volunteers. Dr Crankys will run a demonstation session to train parents that are volunteering for to run the Bike Hospital.


Any child or family at the school who wants their bike checked or for a minor fix (e.g. puncture) would be welcome to bring it in.


If you would be interested in volunteering to run this Bicycle Hospital, please email Ms Carnovale


Many thanks, Ms Carnovale :)


Happy Easter dear families!

Instead of writing the long report how successful, creative, sportive, and well-behaved our beloved children are, I decided to make the photo-report of the term.

We've made a lot, we've succeed a lot, our new preps became the cutest part of the GOSH family, elder children are brilliant in all ways and are like brothers and sisters to the smallest ones.

We love you, our children and families, a lot and will see some of you during the holidays! (Book at






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