Live Love Learn

Dear Families,

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your family for a wonderful Term One. 


The end of a term offers us the opportunity to stop and reflect on the past 10 weeks at school. 


It has been fantastic to walk through the classrooms this week and see students reflect on the learning they have been involved in this term and the progress they have achieved. We are very proud of our students' achievements this term; they have approached new learning with courage, persisted even when learning something new became hard and celebrated when they learned something new.


Writing has been a big focus for our teachers this term. All of our staff have participated in professional development in writing and they have all spoken about how effective the professional development was and how much progress their students have made in writing since implementing their new learning into their teaching practice. 


Our Prep teachers participated in a Big Talk Professional Development for Pre-Writers that focused on supporting children who are not yet writing.  The Prep Teachers have taken their learning back into the classroom and they have been blown away by how the students are progressing in their oral language and how this is translating into their writing.


All Teaching staff and Learning Support Officers participated in Writing Assessment Professional Development this term. They refined their skills in marking and analysing student writing to ensure consistency and clarity around expectations at each level. The new approach has given staff a greater understanding of the skills that a student needs to be taught to progress to the next level of writing. Teachers have been able to take their learning back into the classroom and have been able to map the progress each student is making in their writing and create learning opportunities to help students improve their writing.


Not only are we impressed by the progress our students have made during Term One but we are also impressed by our staff's passion, dedication and flexibility during what has been a busy term. We would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all the work that they have done. They work tirelessly;  in the classrooms, at camps, during out of hours meetings, at home planning for student learning, in the office completing the never-ending administration tasks and we know they are likely to continue working for much of the holidays to make sure that they offer their students the very best learning opportunities in Term Two. 


Finally, we would like to thank our parents. Many of our parents go out of their way to support and enhance the work that we do at Galilee. Whether it's reading to your child at night, helping them prepare for a class presentation, sending a note of thanks to teachers, offering their time to assist in taking students to a local park during recess, sitting on the School Advisory Board, volunteering on our Parent Committee or helping to wrap the enormous amount of Easter eggs we raffled off at our Easter Raffle today. We see the partnership we form with parents as very important and we thank each and everyone one of you for the work that you do.


This week we marked the most Significant week in our Catholic calendar, Holy Week, with a beautiful Holy Week with a beautiful Stations of the Cross Assembly. 


Holy Week is an important time for Christians throughout the world. Holy Week, the final week of Lent, begins on Palm Sunday, the Sunday before Easter. Holy Week is a time when Catholics gather to remember and participate in the Passion of Jesus Christ. The Passion was the final period of Christ’s life in Jerusalem. It spans from when He arrived in Jerusalem to when He was crucified.


We thank Helen Rochecouste, the Faith Team, our Social Justice Leaders, Classroom Teachers and our Students for all the work they did preparing and planning for our moving assembly.


Alexander from Prep P (below) was one of the brilliant readers at the Stations of the Cross Assembly. 



Kind and Caring

By doing kind and caring things for others, no matter how small, you will add real meaning to your life, and feel great. Relationships thrive and flourish when kindness and caring are involved and everyone seems to be at their best. A "thank you", a smile, a wink, an apology, a helping hand, or a simple "hello" all show that you are kind, and believe that other people matter. 


April Fools'!

Year 4R pranked Mr. Martello with an April Fools' joke by wearing their school jumpers or shirts backwards!! They surprised him by asking for a uniform check, ha, ha!


Performing Arts Term 2

On Performing Arts days, girls are encouraged to wear bike shorts under their dresses/skirts as they will be participating in movement sessions as part of the Dance curriculum.

These are the days each class has Performing Arts:

Monday: 2R, 3M, 4H, 5C

Tuesday: Prep P, 1J, 1B, 2J, 6M, 6F

Wednesday: Prep M, Prep S, 2E, 3B, 4R

2E's Healthy Living 

2E worked in teams to create healthy living campaigns for the community. Amazing work 2E! 


Easter Raffle

A huge thank you to all families who donated chocolate to our annual Easter Raffle. A special thank you to Jodie (Bailey in Year 1's mum) who kindly donated a delicious cupcake pack for each class for the raffle from her business Cupcake Occasion. We had an incredible 121 prizes to be drawn this year!


With your support, we raised a substantial $2566 from the raffle which will go towards school initiatives.


Thank you also to Anastasia K, Peta L and Danielle G for coming and wrapping each of the prizes to be drawn. 


We truly appreciate all the support from our families and local businesses.


Ms Carnovale



Pizzini Wines

We’d like to send a big thank you to Pizzini Wines for their contribution, in December 2020, to fundraising for our school.


As a result of their very generous commission that was offered by the Pizzini family for all wines purchased during the promotion period, we raised a huge $2615 from sales!


Thank you to those of you that purchased the wine and hope that you have continued to enjoy the wonderful selection of wines by Pizzini.


Ms Carnovale and The Galilee Parent Committee

Mother's Day Luncheon

Our Mother's Day Lunch is back on again this year!


A Galilee calendar favourite and a much enjoyed salute to parenting. Please join us for a 3 course meal celebrating Mother’s Day on Friday 7th May!


You'll enjoy a complimentary cocktail upon arrival and a fabulous 3 course meal.


Come for a chat and enjoy a few laughs with other Mums to toast the joys (and occasional torments) of motherhood.


Occasion: Galilee Mother's Day Lunch

Venue:     Middle Park Hotel

                 102 Canterbury Road, Middle Park

Date:        Friday 7th May 2021

Time:        12pm - 3pm

Price:        $70


Please book via our TryBooking link:


Please don't delay as tickets have been known to sell out fast!


We would love to see you there.


Galilee Parent Committee

Parent's Battle of The Bands

Parent's Battle of The Bands #3 - Thursday, 27th May - The Prince Bandroom, St Kilda.


Tickets are now on sale at the following link:


If booking, make sure you obtain the tickets through the The P.O.G.S (Galilee PS) band, as all proceeds will be redistributed back to the school pro-rata of parents’ attendance / number of tickets sold by each school. 


Funds raised are used to expand the musical education programs and improve facilities for participating schools & help further our children's musical education. 

Our Parents Band The P.O.G.S. is participating with 6 other local primary schools including St. Kilda Primary, Elwood Primary, Port Melbourne Primary, Gardenvale Primary, St Kilda Park Primary & Ripponlea Primary.


It is a great social night with the wider local school communities.  

See you there!


Food Drive

Much thanks to all our AMAZING families at Galilee who donated SO many items of non perishable goods for the Friar's Kitchen this Lent. Father John and the volunteers were so happy and impressed as these will be put to good use with all the homemade meals prepared weekly for those members of our community in need. Your generosity is so greatly appreciated!!



To all of Galilee we thank you for donating money to Project Compassion. The school raised $414.75. This will be sent to Caritas Australia. This is one way we can help others in our local and global communities.

Alex B, Aiden C and T


Stations of the Cross

The whole school gathered in the school hall for the presentation of the Stations of the Cross. Each class contributed very beautiful pictures depicting Jesus’ journey on Good Friday. Each station was accompanied with an explanation and prayer. An Excellent job was done by all involved!


Scripture of the Week





StsPP - Sunday, 6 June 2:00pm

OLMC - Wednesday, 2 June 7:00pm



StsPP- Thursday 19 August 7.00pm

OLMC - Wednesday 18 August 7.00pm


School for Term One concluded at 1:30pm on Thursday 1st April and commence for Term Two on Monday 19th April.


Wishing everyone a Happy Easter and a wonderful school holiday break.