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The so-called ‘Rising Sun’ badge, worn on the up-turned brim of a slouch hat, typified the spirit of ANZAC - the camaraderie of soldiers from Australia and New Zealand Army Corps who fought for the freedom of their homelands during the First World War.


What a wonderful co-incidence it is that we celebrate ANZAC Day during the season of Eastertide! Eastertide certainly expresses the reality of the Rising Sun, Jesus, who gave his life for us in the supreme sacrifice of love.

This week, we remember the men and women who gave their lives so generously for our life of freedom today. We know from the Christ story that to be a person of peace requires courage, risk-taking, conviction and a sense of a higher calling. Jesus is our peace and through him we can come to the peace of God. This is the essence of Anzac Day: To remember the men and women who with courage, conviction and a sense of a higher calling took great risks to ensure we could hope for a future of peace. 

Let’s join with their story and in hope, prayer and work for this peace with the Holy Spirit as our guide.


God of peace, God of comfort,

We place a wreath at the foot of the cross

On which Jesus laid down his life for his friends,

That we may prayerfully honour all those

Who have laid down their lives for the protection and wellbeing of others.

We remember especially those men and women from our own community,

And those whose relatives are known to us 

May the sacrifice of their lives stir us to work for peace

In our own land and throughout the world.

May all who grieve the loss of loved ones        through war and oppression,

Find comfort in the hope of the new life

      Won for us by Jesus your Son,