Learning and Teaching 

Welcome back to Term Two!


The energy and excitement at St Louis is amazing. There is so much wonderful learning occurring across the school.


Our main inquiry focus for the next ten weeks is centred around Geography, the Intercultural Capability and Digital technologies. Our year 5's and 6's will also be investigating the area of Economics and Business. We will all continue to explore our values with a particular emphasis on Respect. 



During this week our students have been engaged in many different further aspects of learning. Some levels have looked carefully at World Earth Day and the actions they could take to make even a small difference to our planet. 


Most have looked at the true meaning of ANZAC Day and have engaged in activities to recognise the spirit of ANZAC through courage, mateship and sacrifice.  



This includes some of our Year 2 classes baking ANZAC biscuits, preparing and sharing them with members of our parish community.  Poppies have been also planted in the garden and two classes are preparing for an ANZAC service on Monday.