Garden to Kitchen




It’s finally happened. On Monday afternoon, after much anticipation and preparation (thanks Gurus), the long-awaited Lalor lizards arrived. They were donated by the Lalor family and launched by Max Lalor (and a crowd of excited onlookers) into our lizard enclosure. You guessed it - The Lalor lizard launch! Now that’s a lot of L’s! We have renamed the female Elizardbeth 🤪 and the male Phillip. 


Long live the lizards.



There was yet more exciting reptile news on Wednesday afternoon, two long neck turtles were donated to us. Thanks again, Elizabeth and Mrs. Martin (they’ve already donated our much-loved guineapigs). Prep HM was there to help out. Amongst others, they have joined the most beautiful turtle in the world ..... Louise ❤ and our world-famous rapping turtle FiddyCent. The names of the new turtles are Timone and the tasty Toblerone. Now that’s a lot of T’s!



Our enthusiastic team of Angels and Gurus (check out the list -it's massive) continue to work hard caring for our guinea pigs and chooks. We are all waiting to see if a couple of our guinea pigs are pregnant. Stay tuned: exciting news may be on the way. The Angels have put some contingency plans in place if we do. There may be an opportunity to adopt. We’ll know the outcome in less than eight weeks. I can't wait 😝 ! We thank them for all the love, care, and spirit they continue to bring to the garden. 



In garden news, we are all set for a big term of trimming(grapevine and fruit trees)raking, and tidying. Jagger, Sol, Tyler, Ben, and Xen have a busy term ahead preparing the garden for the winter period. Good luck, team.





UPCOMING EVENTS: Working Bee Saturday, May 8.8am-midday


May you be well and happy 🌻 ❤