STOPit Service

STOPIT Service 

STOPIT is a new Victoria Police text notification service enabling commuters, including school students, to report any form of inappropriate behaviour that makes them feel uncomfortable, frightened or threatened on the public transport network. 


How STOPIT works 

The STOPIT service enables commuters to use their mobile phone to promptly, easily and discreetly report inappropriate behaviours. 


To use the service, commuters simply text ‘STOPIT’ to 0499 455 455. This triggers an automated response that includes a link to where the commuter can provide more details about what’s just happened. 


When people report these types of inappropriate behaviours, police can investigate and identify offenders to improve safety on public transport for everyone. 


Parents and carers are encouraged to consider discussing the new service with students who travel on public transport. Students who use mobile phones outside of school hours are encouraged to save the STOPIT number in their mobile phone. 


Please note, STOPIT is for reporting non-urgent incidents on public transport. Always phone 000 in an emergency. 


For more information, refer to sexual and anti-social behaviour on public transport on the Victoria Police website.