Secondary Art 6



At school earlier this year, students learnt what I call ‘painting etiquette’, which is like manners for painting. Such as how to set up and use a palette, and how to apply paint appropriately. The techniques we focussed on were tinting (adding white) and shading (adding black), and how to blend paint together on a surface.


During remote learning Sereen R sent me a photo of a painting she did that incorporated these skills she learnt in the classroom. Her artworks are great examples of tints and shades, as well as how to use tape to create a ‘resist’, which blocks paint from some of the surface that you remove later.  Sereen’s time lapse of her painting was used as a tutorial for other students who in turn, created their own silhouette artworks with blended colours in the background. So effective!


Shannon Widdeson

Arts Domain Leader and Teacher of Visual Arts and Design



I was inspired to do this painting by looking at the moon from outside my house. I chose to paint this because I love the colour blue and I wanted to try something new. In Art class I learnt how to blend multiple colours, which helped me make this artwork. I used acrylic paint, masking tape, a wide paint brush, a small thin and a flat brush, as well as a canvas.


First, I taped the sides of the canvas, below the middle and I cut out a moon shape and stuck it on the canvas near the top. Next, I put some black, dark blue and light blue paint and started blending. Then I painted some black mountains and I used some white paint to make it look like the moonlight was shining on it. After that, I took off the tape below the mountains and painted a river using the same colours. Once I finished that, I painted the reflection of the moon and the mountains on the river with white. I then took off the tape I used for the moon and I filled it in with white. Finally, I covered the mountains with paper and made some stars. I then let it dry and I took off the tape from around the sides and I was done. I am mostly proud of the sky and the reflection of the moon.


Sereen R – 6A



Year 8's in the classroom


Year 8 and 9 landscape paintings