Secondary Art 5

Manga Portrait



There are a lot of Manga and Anime fans at The Lakes and these students are also very talented at drawing these characters. However, some students who have never drawn in this style gave it a go and produced some amazing results! Manga is a style of Japanese comic book or graphic novel. Whereas Anime – sometimes called Japanimation – is hand-drawn or computer animation that originates from Japan, and are often animations of well-known Manga.


For this project we looked at what distinguishes Manga and Anime characters from regular portraits, as well as some colour blending techniques so student artwork would fit with the Japanese style of drawing. Students had a choice of what materials they could use for this project, some used pencils or markers, others used digital applications. Christina T. shared a time lapse of her digital drawing, which I used as a tutorial to show students how to use digital tools to create layers and blend colours. Have a look at these budding designers and the masterpieces they created!


Shannon Widdeson

Arts Domain Leader and Teacher of Visual Arts and Design


Manga has different proportions than what you’d see on a person and follows a fantasy-like style. My inspiration is from ‘Shingeki no Kyojin’ (Attack on Titan), which was a big hit that came out in 2013, it has very beautiful drawings and is inclined to realism in the drawing style. I added shadows by either switching colour pencils or pressing harder with the same colour. I am proud of how I changed tones and created a similar effect in his eyes.

Marta S – 6D



My inspiration for this drawing is from an Anime ‘Toilet-bound Hanako-kun’, and I tried to recreate a pose from one of the characters. I used the app Brushes Redux and tried to create a coloured portrait of Hanako including tone and shadow. Under the hair was mostly where I used shadows as well as the hair itself, neck and jumper. I’m very proud of the whole portrait because it looks similar and I am also very proud of the shading.

Olivia T – 6B



My inspiration for this drawing was Bakugou from ‘My Hero Academia’. I used tone to create shadows on parts where there would be shadows. I applied colour by changing the tone of the colour by making it a bit darker, so I can make it seem like shadows. I tried blending with some parts of the hair but it’s harder digitally.

Ashton N – 6C



I used the character called Yukina to inspire my drawing. Manga has a more cartoonish style because the eyes are slightly bigger and it appears that there is no nose or a tiny nose. I used colours that looked similar to each other to blend, like the red and purple in her eyes or the peach and orange for the skin. The white bow with red polka dots seems very appealing to me and shape of the bow is an accomplishment for me since these things aren’t my forte. I am also proud of the Hiragana (Japanese writing) even though it isn’t perfect.

Lucky S – 6A



Manga is different from portraits because it exaggerates features like eyes and hair. My inspiration was ‘Naruto’, a Japanese Anime, and I tried to recreate the character Sakura Haruno. I used tone around her neck and eye bandages, and hair by shading harder and with colours a little bit darker. I had to blend my magenta and skin colours to create to right colour for her hair.

Bella G – 6C



My inspiration was my cousin, because she loves to draw Manga and she is also really good at drawing it. While I was drawing we were FaceTiming each other. I applied colours that work well together and I used light and dark tone to make it contrast. The light and dark colours contrast because they are two opposite things. I used tone to create shadows, especially underneath the chin. I also used blending in the eye area. At the end I outlined everything black to make it look very bold. I am most proud of the eyes, because of how I drew them perfectly and I use blending to make them stand out.

Mehar S – 6C