In the Year 11 Foundation Maths topic of Shape, Space and Design, students studied the concept of Micro Housing and the Tiny Housing Movement. This is where people live in extremely small accommodation, sometimes the size of a parking space. 

Unfortunately, many people around the world are forced to live in these small dwellings for financial reasons but some people make this choice for environmental reasons. They use modern design techniques to create clever storage solutions and use natural resources to achieve a low carbon footprint.


The class was challenged to design and draw scale plans of their own Tiny House with a maximum floor space of 24m2. Some students extended their living space by adding a mezzanine level while others became creative with where they placed their furniture, such as putting the bathtub in the living room!

  • Students in the photo: Jack Murphy, Caden Begg 
  • Student work samples: Tia Blumenthal, Cassidy Mofsowitz 

Jess Dixon

Maths Teacher