Student Free Days

Friday 22 May 2020

Monday 25 May 2020

Each year schools are closed for 4 days throughout the year to participate in whole school training. These dates are approved by Governing Council.


We have 2 Pupil Free Days coming up this month:


Friday 22/5 (Week 4) Staff will work with staff from Morphett Vale Primary School and Woodcroft Primary School to plan Maths Learning Units. Teams will continue to meet throughout the year to moderate and assess student learning.


Monday 25/5 (Week 5) Hackham East Staff will participate in training led by Department for Education officers to develop online One Plans for students with disabilities, Aboriginal students and young people in care.


OSHC will be available on both of these days. Please contact Jacky to make a booking for your child/children.


Sally Slattery, Principal