Canteen News

Canteen Grand Re-Opening

We are pleased to announce the Canteen will re-open next Tuesday 26/5


A & A’s Marvellous Eats (run by one of our parents) is a business that has leased the Canteen space and tendered to supply this service to our school community.


Orders can be made over the counter before school or via an app that is being finalised.


No food will be purchased at Lunch play time and only ‘nude’ food will be sold at Recess play time. This is in line with our Sustainability Policy and goal of reducing waste and rubbish in the yard. 


We encourage families to send ‘nude foods’ and help reduce the packaging and waste at school. Due to our changes in eating and play times – there are different arrangements for students ordering and eating food from the Canteen


New Timetable

Morning Play 10.40 – 11.10

Lunch Eating 11.10-11.20


Afternoon Play 1.00-1.20

Recess eating – incorporated as part of settling back into learning


We will be encouraging all students and families to order their lunch and recess foods at the beginning of the school day.


Orders will be collected from the Canteen by monitors at the end of playtimes.


Sally Slattery, Principal