End of Term 3

Term Three will conclude on Friday 22nd September at 1.30pm. If you will be needing to use the aftercare service, please book or register via Camp Australia's website  to ensure they have correct staff/student ratio.

Library Books

All library books are due back on Monday September 18 so as an audit can be undertaken.

Several books have been borrowed throughout the year without being returned to Galilee. We would appreciate a search of your home/s for any books with Galilee stickers/bar codes on them. Books can be returned to the school office or the black tub in the library.

Fines will be sent out for books not returned.

Day of Action

On Monday at lunch time, we will be holding the Day of Action. The Day of Action is where people run fundraisers for something that they believe in. There will be many stalls fundraising for different causes.

Everything is $1 which will make it easier to pay for different things so if you can, don't forget to bring a few spare dollar coins. Remember that if you would like some money you could always ask your mum or dad if you could do some jobs around the house to earn some money .

Thanks for listening and don't forget to bring a dollar coin for a good cause.

Charlotte and Tadhg - Year 6

Head Lice

Head lice has been detected in the school this week. Please do your part to prevent the spread of this communicable condition by checking your child(ren) on a regular basis. Lice infestation is much easier to treat if caught early so please notify the school and the parents of your child's playmates if you should discover a case of head lice. 


In Term Four, we will welcome back Mrs Flindt-Petersen (Miss Hart) from her honeymoon. Miss Cox will be away on approved leave for the first two weeks of Term Four and be replaced by Mrs Reilly (together with Mrs Burns on Thursday). Mrs Reilly has been working in Year 2R on a Thursday (while Mrs Reid teaches Performing Arts) and this will continue throughout Term Four to maintain consistency with the students.

Summer Uniform

The children may begin to wear their summer uniform from the beginning of Term Four. Children may wear either summer or winter uniform until Cup Weekend, after which they are expected to wear their summer uniform. Hats are compulsory in Term Four. 

Lost Property

There is a mountain of jumpers and jackets forming  in the lost property cupboard, some with names, some without names and some with past students' names! The lost property cupboard is located in the first aid room/ sick bay.

Galilee's Profile

Budding Parent Journalists or Bloggers – Galilee Needs You!

Galilee is wanting to increase and improve its profile in the local community via better engagement with and use of media – particularly social media and local print media.

As a school community, we do many good things that not only benefit and contribute to our children and their educational opportunities but which benefit and improve the local community in which the school and our families exist. We just need to be engaging with the ‘outside’ community better!

We are looking for a parent volunteer with some time and skill in this area to write short articles about events, activities and initiatives associated with the school and our community.

The articles and postings need not be long – from a short written piece and a few photos (taken by others) to the odd article for the local paper. Editorial control and distribution would remain with the school – so there would be no ‘ultimate’ responsibilities or stresses in this regard.

Any interested parents with these types of skills in media and communications are invited to contact Simon Millar.

Community News