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GOSH - TheirCare

Last week in GOSH it was "Friendship Week" : we've done lots of fun , physical and creative activities that included:

  • Emoji Feelings Paper Plate Craft- Were Oliver,  Abigail, Kalinda, Mason, Elijah, Abigail and Jessica all got extremely creative by coming up with their very own emoji's and doing ones that have already been done. It was incredible to see how  much detail and hard-work went into them, very proud !!
  • Making Friendship Bracelets was a great activity were the children got to extend on their fine motor skills by making their friends a friendship bracelets out of string, beads and wool. Annabelle, Millie and Grace decided to make a different kind of friendship bracelet by plaiting the wool with a variety of colours.
  • Also Abigail from grade 5 drew the most vibrant and outstanding drawing.!!!
  • Outside there was a Blindfolded Obstacle Game Where Millie, Grace and Abigail took on leadership roles  by running the physical activity with Ryger's  supervision and assistance.
  • Inside with Gemma and Sofia the children were participating in an arts and crafts activity were Sarah, Jack, Lucy, Elana and Lucy made their own friendship flowers by using a wide variety of coloured paper to make the flower and the petals, the part they enjoyed the most was writing their friends names on the petals.

Overall a week full of fun and friendships !

This week in GOSH it is "Summer Sports Week", we've been doing lots of outdoor sports and games that include:

  • soccer, cricket, footy, basketball, lacrosse, skipping with a rope, tennis ball toss, running races, tiggy, piggy in the middle  and a game of dodgeball with Gemma and Ryger discussing the rules before hand to ensure no one gets hurt.
  • Inside with Gemma  the children were participating in arts and crafts activities that were : creating your own sports star, Abigail, Jessica and Zoe all drew a fantastic pictures of a football field and a person, also Jack thought outside  the box and used coloured paper , scissors and glue to create his own picture..... AMAZING WORK !!!
  • While Millie and Grace used coloured paper to create pencil grips to make a stretchy effect which was really COOL!!!
  • Aston, Morgan, Lian , William and many more children enjoy doing word searches that are the topics of the theme of the week, once they complete them they can't wait to do more

Max, Roger and Jensen worked brilliantly  together constructing and building a tower !! 

An incredible week with a wide variety of  sports that suit each child's abilities, skills and interests.



Galilee Parents Association

Presidents Report 2019

The Galilee Parents Association have enjoyed another successful year.

Our fundraising efforts this year have well exceeded our expectations.  With a total amount raised for Galilee in excess of $40,000 after expenses and without the carols money.


The revenue raised this year is going to be combined with the surplus funds from last year and are yet to be allocated for purchases, this will be determined next year.  


Socially, our events have been a great success attracting many new parents. The feedback on the events has been overwhelmingly positive and they have been key in developing a strong sense of community and fun throughout the year. The GPA sees the social events as not just times for celebration but opportunities to form bonds and relationships, which have been vital for new and old families in our school community.  

We have created an environment that welcomes the new parents and their children to the school and helps them to get into the swing of things and to get involved with their children’s education, this is so important to make the new families feel included and help them to build their support networks early.


Key Achievements

  • Successfully having the events run by the individual year levels, therefore creating a sense of ownership and greater participation.
  • Setting up our template documents for each event that can be referred to the following year.
  • Reviewing and documenting our learnings in detail after each event.
  • Major fundraiser (Trivia Night) made over $32,000 setting up a successful template for next year.
  • Meeting with class reps leading up to their class event to ensure they feel supported.
  • Managing all events in a professional and organised manor.  Managing our costs and maximising profits which can be seen in the final profit for the year.  But still providing value for money, great atmosphere and variety.

Next year

  • Attract new members who are going to be the next leaders and keep the momentum going.
  • Recommend that parent reps attend meetings.

Thank you to Jess Conway (Vice President), Emma Keating (Secretary) and Maureen Wetzel (Treasurer) for all their efforts and valuable contribution over the year.   I would also like to thank the other members of the committee who have helped make 2019 so successful Chelsea Carswell, Brighid Fahy, Steph Stringer, Annette Paparonne, Jackie Scott, Sally Callan, Gin Norcot, Ros Thompson, Lieu Hoang.  Your support has made my job so easy - its been a team effort!  Big thanks to all the class reps who have done an amazing job with their events this year too.


Lastly I would like to say how much I have enjoyed being President of the GPA for the last two years. It has been a fantastic experience.  I will especially take away the great friendships and relationships I have made with the other committee members and volunteers, teachers and Galilee school community.


Galilee is a wonderful school.  I feel myself and the committee have really enjoyed giving our time back to the school and we have seen the positive results that have come from this. Our children have also really enjoyed our involvement in the school community also helping us at some of the events.

I would highly recommend anyone who has the time or the inclination to get involved. We have all formed amazing friendships and bonded over building a thriving social dynamic and fantastic school community.


We look forward to handing over the batons onto the next keen crew and helping them get settled.  We have solid event management systems in place for the 2020 events calendar based on this years events.


Warm regards,

Annalise Woolley

Bikes/Scooter Collection

There are some bikes and scooters that have been in the shed for some time. Please ensure you collect all bikes, scooters and helmets by the end of the term.

Art Cards

Packs of cards ordered from the Art show will be available to collect from Thursday 5th December.