Wellbeing & Diversity 

eSmart Schools

Galilee has taken the first steps to becoming an official eSmart school.


What is eSmart Schools?

eSmart is a world-first, holistic approach to changing the behaviour of ICT users. It connects cyber safety with overall wellbeing and focuses on creating cultures of respect and personal responsibility in addition to providing users with the practical knowledge to ensure their online safety and security.


eSmart is an evidence-based, positive behaviour-change framework. It provides a road map guiding schools to identify what they are doing well and where there are any gaps in their current practice.


Why become an eSmart School?

eSmart requires a whole-of-school approach and aims to create long-term behaviour change.



eSmart supports:

  • reduction of bullying
  • reduction of cyber bullying
  • increase in cyber safety and digital citizenship
  • increase in student wellbeing.

In eSmart schools, relationships are strong, respectful and supportive, and learning outcomes are enhanced. It fosters a positive and inclusive school culture.


How was it developed?

eSmart was developed by experts at the Alannah & Madeline Foundation with research and development from the RMIT School of Education, and support from many other cyber safety and education stakeholders.