News of the Week


COVID and it’s impact on children at school


Covid continues to have an impact on our children in the sense of their social skills and the return to school.


Our children are very excited to be back at school and re-engaging with friends and teachers.


However, resettling into school routines and expectations across all levels is taking a bit longer than normal. This is simply because our children haven’t had uninterrupted schooling for 2 years and they have really only interacted with siblings and parents and how they interact with them is different to how we interact with each other at school. Our teachers are working on social interactions with students and it is generally around how they speak to each other, their teachers and safe hands and feet.


Sometimes your child may come home and say I got in trouble today and I don’t know why? It maybe something as simple as being a bit rude to each other or not playing a game nicely. We are just re-establishing our school expectations which are different to home expectations.


Please be reassured this is occurring across all schools and we are not the only school taking a bit more time to readjust. Our children are doing an amazing job and we are very proud of them and we will continue to work on our school expectations with them.


Please feel free to contact your child’s classroom teacher if you have any concerns .


Wendy Sullivan 


St Brigid's Swim Team

Last Wednesday we had the district swimming carnival. We had lots of fun and everyone tried their hardest, We even had Marcel come first in Backstroke which means he will be going to division swimming in other words the next round. St Brigid's also for the first time in swimming…. won the handicap trophy, which is the most people getting in the top 3 and the size of the school. Great job to everyone who attended and thanks to the parents for coming. Thank you to Miss Richards who trained us every week, none of it wouldn't have been possible without her!

Inter-School Sports

Last Friday we had interschool sports against Mordialloc Beach. The scores were: Tennis Girls won 12 to 0 and Boys won 8-4. Volley Stars lost 2 sets to 0. Cricket boys won. Mordi Beach didn’t have a softball or girls cricket team so they just practiced. Everyone did a great job and good luck for tomorrow!

Public Holiday - Monday 14 March

Just a reminder that on Monday the 14th March all students have no school because it is a public holiday.

Year 1 to Year 4 Swimming Program starts on Tuesday

Our Year 1-4 Swimming Program starts next week (Tuesday 15th March). Please make sure all clothing is labelled and you have  a  bag to put wet swimwear and towels in.  Don't forget a swimming cap.  You can't swim without one!


A short reminder  - don't forget that we have a competition going on right now about community. All you need to do is write or draw a short story about your community. All entries need to go to Tracey by next Friday 18th. Please put your name and class on it and please don´t make it too big!

Foundation Interview - Chloe & Harvey

Chloe L

What is your favourite thing about school and why?

Barbies because I can play with my friend 

Who's your buddy? Why do you like them? 

Amelie because I get to see her at recess and lunch

What's your favourite movie? 

Encanto , because I like the songs 

What is your favourite sport?

Tennis, because it is fun.

Harvey P

What is your favourite thing about school and why?

Maths, because you count 

Who's your buddy? Why do you like them? 

Zak, just because 

What's your favourite movie?

Descendants, because there´s colours I like

What is your favourite sport?

Footy, because you kick the ball 

Interview with with Mrs Kimball - Artist Spotlight

Why do you do it?

I want to encourage students to try and do their best in my classes

How often do you change it?

Once or twice a term, mainly twice 

How did you come to do it?

During COVID I found the frame and came up with the idea to put the best piece of art I´ve seen in the frame.

What was the colour wheel for and which grade?

Last weeks work, Harry´s in FD

Congratulations to Harry S for the Artist Spotlight 


And Thank You Mrs Kimball for the interview 


St Brigid's Public Relations Team


International Day of Mathematics (or Pi Day)

During the course of the year many educational days/weeks are celebrated within Victoria, Australia or the World. This year, at St Brigids, we have decided to celebrate International Day of Mathematics, or Pi Day as it is also known as.  The mathematical term Pi refers to the number 3.14, which can also be read as the 14th of March in some countries, hence the date for International Day of Mathematics.


During the course of next week all St Brigid students will be participating in a Mathematical Investigation, where they will explore applying their mathematical skills in real life situations.  


We are inviting you, as a family, to also participate in a Mathematical challenge - A Scavenger Hunt.  Attached to this newsletter will be a PDF with lots of different items that we ask for you to search for in your environment. This can be around your house or your local community - we will leave that up to you.  This activity is about discovery, creative thought, and looking at things from a different perspective, which are fundamental in mathematics.   Please take photos of any items that you find and email them to  Please make sure to include the description of the Scavenger item that your photo represents and the name of your children and their classes.


Happy Hunting.



Mrs Ripp - Maths Leader


First Week of Lent  

We begin our annual Lenten Project Compassion journey by learning about Anatercia, a 12-year-old girl living in a small village in southern Mozambique. She began to take on more and more adult responsibilities as her mother has chronic health issues. She did most of the household chores and had to travel up to five hours every day to collect clean water. Water scarcity also meant that harvests were poor and there was never enough to eat.


With your support, Caritas Australia’s local partner, Caritas Regional Chokwe, was able to help Anatercia’s family to irrigate their farm to improve their food security. They also improved water access for households in the village, delivered sustainable farming training, and provided Anatercia with essential school supplies.


Anatercia’s health, education and quality of life have improved, along with the outlook of her whole community for all future generations.


Watch a short film about Anatercia’s story here.


Lent at school 

This year at school we are focusing on giving up and giving love. Each class has a box in which they will place reflections of when they have shown love when someone has shown love to us the 3/4 level have created this beautiful display which helps us to focus on what we can give up e.g. anger and how we can show love e.g. kindness.


Splash of yellow for Ukraine 

Friday 18th March is “Wear a splash of yellow for Ukraine” and bring a gold coin donation. The money raised on this day will go to Caritas to support all the people in Ukraine. Our splash of yellow could be a ribbon, badge, socks or hair tie.