Verbal Linguistic

The ability to use words effectively whether orally or in writing.

Prep:   Aislinn D

One:    Avneet K

Two:    Kiara DT

Three: Tanya S

Four:   Even D

Five:    Ava G

Six:      Joshua Q

Seven: Cooper K

Eight:   Jandrei NO

Nine:   Charlotte S


Visual Spatial

The ability to perceive the world visually.

Prep:    Jessica S

One:     Duncan S

Two:     Ruvin M

Three:  Adriana B

Four:   Dasham S

Five:    Lucky S

Six:       Sheena E

Seven: Jessica D

Eight:   Jandrei NO

Nine:    Keibelle C


Musical Rhythmic

The ability to perceive, discriminate, transform and express musical forms.

Prep:    Eva R

One:    Maddi B

Two:    Selina W

Three: Gloria P

Four:   John F

Five:    Hansikaa S

Six:      Jesse H

Seven: Shaylanie S

Eight:   Lachie F

Nine:   Nikitah-Lee H



The ability to notice and make distinctions in the intention, motivations, moods, feelings and thoughts of others.

Prep:   Levi B

One:     Samira B

Two:     Neha P

Three:  Kris T

Four:   Jordyn D

Five:    Ropa N

Six:     Sandra A

Seven: Charlotte A

Eight:  Jessica C

Nine:   Emily F



The ability to access personal feelings, reflect and act upon them.

Prep:    Eve T

One:     Grace T

Two:     Milly R

Three:  Hayley B

Four:    Milana S

Five:     Olivia T

Six:       Abby M

Seven: George K

Eight:  Pearl T

Nine:   Angela R



The ability to recognise, identify and classify species of the natural world.

Prep:     Isaiah W

One:      Flynn P

Two:      Noah B

Three:   Curtis R

Four:     Cameron F

Five:      Rocky L

Six:        Cailin D

Seven: Harmanpreet K

Eight:   Mariana I

Nine:     Jude Z


Logical Mathematical

The ability to use numbers effectively and show strong logical reasoning skills.

Prep:   Isaac P

One:    Lucas L

Two:    Geneve P

Three: Son L

Four:    Vignesh S

Five:   Shiva MVK

Six:    Joshua D

Seven: Eliza R

Eight:   Junyuk S

Nine:   Angela R


Bodily Kinaesthetic

The ability to use the body and mind to display the performance of physical tasks and functions.

Prep:    Fletcher U

One:      Selena G

Two:      Kobi E

Three:   Donovan W

Four:     Angus H

Five:     Abbey E

Six:       Devony H

Seven: Jesse C

Eight:   Caleb JV

Nine:    Rosaliana P


Caltex Best All Rounder: 

Angela R


School Sport Victoria: 

Phoenix S


Year 8 Girls Volleyball - Division 1 State Champions