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Bruce, Paul and Sam

Growing with our students


It has been exciting to watch our new Alumni Boarding House for girls take shape on Richmond Hill over the past few months.  By the start of 2020 this new home will provide continuing accommodation and support to up to 18 MITS alumni girls attending Partner Schools as day students.  Only 80 metres from Lockington, it will enable Richmond Hill to continue to be a place of belonging and connection for our students long after they have finished Year 7.


The development of our Alumni Boarding House signals our clear commitment to our students in the long term.  Through our Pathways Team in Melbourne and our Community Engagement Manager Patrick Bowden in Darwin we want to provide long-term support to our MTIS alumni, their families and their Partner Schools. 


Some students will continue in Melbourne all the way through to Year 12; others will choose to return home to continue their education after a few good years in Melbourne.  No matter the journey for each student, we want it to be a successful one.


By the start of 2020 40 young people will be living with MITS in Melbourne – either at Lockington or the Alumni Boarding House – with another 30 continuing in Melbourne in Partner School Boarding Houses and Host Families.  Our MITS family continues to grow!

Ed Tudor