E-Learning News

Exploring great new technology!

We are so fortunate to live in a world where technology is ever evolving and we are seeing this constantly  in education.  There are always advancements to existing technologies as well as brand new gadgets, programs and machines for enabling students to develop key skills to prepare them for a rapidly changing world and workforce.


Last week, the staff received a visit from Craig Cummings, the e-Learning consultant for the Western Zone. Craig brought along some great new technology that we have purchased for the school.


If you are not yet familiar, I introduce you to... the Makey Makey's! Makey Makey's are a great tool for introducing students to various systems and processes relating to software, thus meeting a vital aspect of the Digital Technologies Curriculum. Not just that, they are loads of fun! Here's a quick video to give you a snapshot of what this great tool actually does!

The staff enjoyed testing out the technology and identifying incredible ways of integrating it into the classroom to create rich, authentic learning experiences for our students. I'm sure they will be put to great use across the year levels in 2019!

Miss Melanie Larkin


e-Learning Leader