Paul and Ms Johnston
Paul and Ms Johnston

Refugee Week is Australia’s greatest and most publicised annual activity to inform the public about refugees. The week highlights the many positive contributions made by refugees to Australian society. It provides a platform where these positive images of refugees can be promoted in order to create a culture of welcome throughout our country. The ultimate aim of the celebration is to create better understanding between different communities and to encourage successful integration enabling refugees to live in safety and to continue making a valuable contribution to Australia.



At CBC, we have emphasised and shown our support to refugees by posting images of famous refugees in the Markillie Library and having a Refugee Banner that members of our community can sign to show their support and acknowledgment of Refugee Week. We are also supporting the Asylum Seeker Resource centre by donating food items. Please send in tinned tuna/tomatoes/vegetables/chickpeas, coconut cream, pasta and honey. Non-food items in urgent need are toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and toilet paper. 


Paul Parnis | College Vice Captain Social Justice  and Ms Kate Johnston | Director of Identity