Message From Our Principal

Dear Parents & Caregivers,


Congratulations everyone on what has been a wonderful start to the new term. It has been challenging, different and at times overwhelming but I know children, teachers and families are doing their very best to make the most of on line learning.


Thank you very much for your continued support of your children and our staff over the past few weeks. It has been very much appreciated. We understand that students are missing their friends and their teachers as they work from home. We know parents are juggling working from home while supporting children with their learning and teachers are also greatly missing their class and families. Yet I think together we are all doing the best we can and there have been many successes and positives as we work through this together.  So well done everyone!


If you have more than one child you will have noticed some differences between what is happening across the three units.  These differences are due to the developmental needs of children in different levels, the tasks that are presented and the level of technology skills the children have. If this is causing any concern for families, again I say do your best, talk to your class teacher or myself and make any adjustments that work for your family. Class teachers are working hard to contact parents by phone and email as well as answer questions from parents. I’m sure you will understand that they will attempt to respond to your questions when possible but not necessarily straight away.    


I hope you enjoyed the Easter break with your families and were able to take some special time together and enjoy the beautiful weather we had. Next Saturday is a very important day for all Australians and although Anzac Day will be remembered differently this year it is still important to pause and reflect on the significance of the day. Thank you to Vanessa Tartaglia and Seb for the beautiful reflection they have presented on behalf of Sacred Heart School. Hopefully families can gather together from their homes and remember the difficulties faced by our brave men and women during wartime and the strength and resilience that is now a great example to us all.


One of my favourite roles as Principal is enrolment time and showing perspective families around our lovely school and its facilities.  I am always well supported by our Year 6 Leaders who proudly provide lots of information to parents about what it’s like attending Sacred Heart. Unfortunately, Open Day is cancelled for now but we are taking new enrolments during Term 2. We will showcase our school in new and different ways this year! Thank you to Matt Hooper who is preparing a short video for our website. Please let friends know enrolments are now open and share your positive experiences of Sacred Heart with others. Your feedback is the best advertisement for our school and often the main reason new families want their child to attend. Our school is truly about people, community and quality education. Enrolment applications can be found on our Website or feel free to phone the school for any further information. We are looking forward to opening our school to families as soon as we are able.


Again, thank you all for your support, understanding and patience during these extraordinary times.  We will continue to be a source of connection, belonging, learning and genuine care for your children and family as we face the current challenges together.  We can and should all draw strength from our shared sense of what it means to belong to a community such as ours. Stay safe and healthy.


May the Sacred Heart of Jesus continue to watch over us all during these difficult times.


Pauline Hindson