World Book Access from home:

Our World Book subscription caters for all subject areas and all year levels from ELC. As well as the online encyclopedia, all their physical publications in e-book format are available. Parents are welcome to log in at home to assist with research or find information on topics of interest to their children. The user name is thaac and the password college.

Global Climate Action Project:

Students in Years 3, 4 and 5 have been working on preparing week 1 and 2 responses to the challenges posed by Mr Koen Timmers, a highly regarded educator from Belgium. We have faced a few challenges, so the final products are not quite where we hoped to get, but their messages are very clear, and they are now “out there” for other students to share. As per the last few times we have participated, we seem to be the only Australian school adding material. This week we need to focus on solutions!

You can view the work under the heading “Oceania” here:


Information Services Captains:

This year we have been led by Nihindu Ranasinghe and Darcy Wall. Their speciality has been based around offering games in break time with Uno being the standout favourite. These boys have been regular Library visitors for years and will be sadly missed next year. We will honour them with a thank you morning tea tomorrow at recess.

2019 will be led by Airlie Treloar and lots of possibilities have been discussed already. She and I will be getting to work early next Thursday to meet with another library furniture representative about our refurbishment.

Margaret Simkin