Music Therapy

Music Therapy at Verney Road School


This year many of our classes will be taking part in weekly Music Therapy sessions with Michelle who is our new Music Therapist. Michelle is a teacher with 15 years of experience who has recently graduated with a Masters in Music Therapy.


During Music Therapy sessions, students will join with their class playing instruments, singing, writing, and making music together. General Music classes focus on curriculum whilst Music Therapy sessions focus on developmental and well-being goals as well as developing social and communication skills. 


“Music therapy is a research-based allied health profession in which music is used to actively support people as they aim to improve their health, functioning and well-being. It can help people of all ages to manage their physical and mental health and enhance their quality of life”.


“Hello Verney Road and thanks for having me. I am really looking forward to making music with many of you. Music can be a fantastically powerful tool to help us in lots of ways, but making music with others is a healthy thing to do and heaps of fun!”

Michelle Davis – 

Music Therapist, Verney Road School


For further information about Music Therapy check out the Australian Music Therapy Association website: