Reconciliation Round

The Glass Brothers

Towards engagement

In partnership with Red Hill FNC, Crib Point FNC worked with various indigenous organisations including VACCA and Willum Warrain to make the first Reconciliation Round in the MPFNL as a success. We will subsequently host the round next year.


There are around 2500 people who identify a Aboriginal or Torres Straight Islanders on the Mornington Peninsula and Frankston City Council.

The Glass Boys

Crib Point FNC has a rich history in inclusion of indigenous players, none better demonstrated than the Glass boys pictured in the photo heading this page.


Paul on the left came to Crib Point when he was 10 years old along with John on the right. The family were from the Orange area of NSW and due to their domestic situation were fostered out to Crib Point families, the Grubers and Farnsworth's respectively. 


Colin in the middle was initially fostered out to a family around the Mildura area but ended up coming to Crib when he was 16 years of age. 


Whether it be coincidence of the government policy of the day, that Paul and John ended up with families in the same suburb was a blessing for them but also a blessing for our club. However, it reflects on the struggles of many indigenous children of the time and the pain of separation many endured.

It didn't take long for Paul's football talents to shine and in U17's Essendon were showing interest in picking him up. Who know's, if not for a king hit behind the play in an inter league game which broke Paul's jaw and sidelined him for most of the season, he may have made it.


Paul and Colin have been intermittent visitors to the club to watch games but we have welcomed their increased involvement this year and part of the club's Indigenous Action Plan is to increase indigenous playing engagement. Paul was instrumental in recruiting Matt Collett to the club this year.


We are proud of the Reconciliation Game involvement and the gift given to us by VACCA which will hold pride of place in our rooms for our part in building a stand alone Reconciliation Game.