eLearning News

Thank You Year 2!

I wanted to thank the students of 2C and 2R who I have had the pleasure of working with over the last few weeks. We have explored a number of different eLearning activities, from researching pictures that fit with our work on Google to exploring the meaning of our email address (@gsmelbournesth.catholic.edu.au).


It was amazing to see what the Year 2 students already knew, which just shows what an important part of our lives technology has become. We learnt together and had some fun while doing so.


Thank you to Mrs. Reid and Miss Casey for letting me work with your wonderful children and I look forward to working with them again later in the year!

Grade 3 Projects

We are now moving on to Grade 3 and I am excited to be working with the students of 3C and 3R! Before the end of term, we are going to be exploring Google Drive as well as working on our touch typing skills. At the beginning of next term, we will be using strategies to research information that we could use in our writing pieces. 

ICT Policies

It has been a very long road, but we are just waiting for the final few policies to be returned. If your child has not yet returned their ICT Policy, I will be providing their classroom teacher with a final copy that I am hoping will be signed during the Student-Led Conferences at the end of term.


If you would like to discuss any part of the ICT policy, please feel free to send me an email at jcoaley@gsmelbournesth.catholic.edu.au, or contact me at the school to arrange a meeting time.

Looking Ahead To Term 3...

We have two very exciting ICT events being held next term; our eLearning Day and our Cyber Safety Day. More information will be announced at the beginning of Term 3, with an important competition that anyone can enter! Stay tuned for all the details.


Joss Coaley

eLearning Leader