Year 10 Advance Grampians Hike

Last week we had an amazing experience of going to Halls Gap and hiking the Grampians. First day we got to Halls Gap Caravan Park and we set up our tents with our partners and then got ready for our first hike the Beehive Falls, it was only a short hike and it a was flat hike. The end of the hike had a small water fall of the sandstone walls in the valley. We climbed around the rocks, took some pictures and then started our hike back. After, we went to the Elephant Hide and climbed up the top and took some amazing photos looking off the cliff and down in to the valley. We got back to the caravan park and started to cook our meals on the tranjias, after we ate our food we played a couple games at the park and then headed to bed ready for a long day tomorrow.


Early morning we woke up and started to gather our food and water to go on the Pinnacle hike we started strong getting through the hike fast we eventually got to the top looking over Halls Gap, the views were amazing. Shortly after we cooled down it started raining making everyone cold and we had to rug up with jackets because the wind was strong and cold. We started our walk down into the valley through the small canyon, there were tight areas where we had to duck through rocks. It was amazing looking up in the valley. We slowly made our way back to Halls Gap through the Elephant Hide. 


Everyone got back and rested as well as getting lunch at the Halls Gap bakery. We all got energised and went on the bus to go to Mackenzie falls. We had a short walk down to the falls and we walked around taking photos of the water fall and exploring the valley, we took an amazing group photo and then started walking back up to the bus. When we got back to camp we had dinner and then got back on the bus to J Ward. We got to J Ward and started our tour through the jail. as we went we learnt about the history of the prison. In the mental asylum we went through all the rooms and read the stories on the prisoners. Everyone got on the bus tired and out of energy. We got back to our tents and went to bed straight away. The final day we got up and started packing up our tents and made our way back home. Thanks to Mr Evans for organising the camp and to Miss Howlett and Miss Thompson for coming along to assist.




Ryan McQuiston

Yr 10 Advance