Daniel Grozdanovski

Middle Sub-School Manager

Middle Sub School Newsletter article

Exciting times ahead as our Year 9 students begin to develop a better understanding of what their future pathways will look like. Students have started their chosen electives and will soon undertake their Morrisby Assessment. The Morrisby Assessment will help our students make better career choices as students provide objective and relevant information about themselves.  This will assist them by showing them the opportunities available moving forward. 


The Year 9 Sub School team this year will be led by Middle School Leader, Rebecca Durran. Year 9 Coordinator, Daniel Grozdanovski and Assistant Coordinators, Luke Sharp and Suzanne Henry. We look forward to providing your child/ren with the support they need, inside and outside the classroom, to achieve their best. 


Year 9 Excellence in Sport Camp


During Week 3, 34 students from the Excellence in Sport program were lucky enough to attend a 5 day camp at Rubicon, Thornton Campus. The camp focus was to develop leadership and teamwork skills which will aid the students for their upcoming year in the program. 


Over the 5 day camp students completed many outdoor activities such as rafting, hiking, mountain bike riding, canoeing and rock climbing. All of the activities required students to be able to effectively work in a team to get the best outcomes. Throughout their time students were also given the opportunity to lead their smaller groups to develop their leadership skills. They learnt about the different types of leadership and how they can impact a group as a leader and what you can do as a group member to help benefit the group. 


We were fortunate enough to have some very nice weather, be fed well and given the use of quality equipment throughout the trip, which means students got the most out of each activity. Some highlights for many of the students was being able to float down the Goulburn River during their rafting session. Even with the nice weather, wetsuits and thermal tops were required as the water was still cold! It was wonderful to see the students enjoying their free time at the campsite, with very competitive games of basketball, table tennis and snooker and also to see them improve their skills and teamwork throughout the week, in such a short space of time.


Finally, a special thanks to Mr Vassallo, for organising the camp, and to the following staff who also attended the camp, Cameron Siketa, Julie Elkin and Ned Shannon.