Class Page - 1/2R



Elijah           -  I like maths because I learn how to do plus and take away.

Mackenzie -   I like maths because I can learn new things

Lil                 -  I love doing maths because I think all the things are very interesting

Maddi         - I get to learn and maths is fun. The teacher helps me.

Sophia        - Maths teaches my mind to do more things.

Jake             - Maths makes me learn. Maths is good. I can learn division.

Asher          - I can learn times tables stuff.

Robbie       - I can make a rocket or dinosaur head with the pattern blocks.

Caleb          - Maths is fun and I like playing Guess My Number.

Ella              - Maths is fun because I learn more.

Emily          - Learning new things in maths is fun.

Emelia        - I’ve learnt to skip count.

Sieanna      - I use my fingers to count.

Tiana           - My favourite thing is doing take aways.

Jacob          - I like maths because I get to learn about plus, minus and times.

Caleb          - Maths is cool.

Jack            - During Home Learning I got to go on Cool Maths Games.

Kiera          - I like skip counting and counting with blocks.

Brooke      - Doing arrays is fun.

Mia            - Playing maths games is interesting and fun.

Aiden        - Maths can be easy and hard.

Kayden     - Maths is fun and I get to learn subtraction, times and plus.