Junior School

Go-go-go Joseph!

This is the week that is rainbow coloured and all about dreaming big! Our students have been working hard and having loads of fun while doing it. The Junior School musical is quite the machine – the organization behind the scenes is enormous and every single staff member is working hard to help the students shine. We also have students working behind the scenes – Lachie and Josie from the Senior School have proved invaluable, and a number of Stage 3 students are helping with sound and audio, sets and working backstage.


The BMGS Junior School musical is unique in that it is truly child-centred. CHILDREN organize and paint the sets, CHILDREN learn how to draft a pattern and actually sew their own costume. The CHILDREN have input their ideas for staging and choreography and partnered with Mr Forbes to make decisions about what will happen on stage. Junior School children rarely get these opportunities – all too often, the adults take over, with the goal of a highly polished show often taking the joy out of doing it!

Our musical is joyful, colourful and puts the children forward as the true stars. They sound fabulous all singing, with individual and group performances being truly impressive. There are lots of funny moments, some subtle and some over the top, where the personalities of our children shine through.


I’d like to again thank all of the staff who have been involved. There are so many, and they will be individually thanked at the Saturday night performance, but I must mention here Mr Forbes and Mrs Cooney. Their tireless work for the whole semester, giving up their Sunday afternoons and extra time to be prepared is so appreciated by myself, the staff, the children and the parents.


Mrs Rachael J Newton

Head of Junior School

Junior School Sport

Basketball Report - Term 2, Week 8

The BMGS Swish had a Bye on Monday due to the Queen’s Birthday long weekend.


On Tuesday, 14th June, the BMGS Stars continued to work on how to use their ‘bar’ arm to defend to keep the ball protected. They also transitioned between two hands and bounced the ball behind their backs. Their skills are definitely improving. Our two mini games were rather exciting. Claire Rutherford, Madeleine Russell, Emily Hyslop, Sebastian Nicholls and Hugo Courtemanche all scored points to earn the team a convincing victory. Our second game was a lot closer. Emily Hyslop was our only scorer and we had a loss of 4 to 2.


Mrs Lori Gerrard