A Spotlight on Learning

Highlights from the Learning Specialists

Welcome to Term 2! This term, we are starting a dedicated space for our four Learning Specialists to share the work they are doing around the school. At ACS, we are very lucky to have this team of instructional leaders, whose role is predominantly to build staff capacity through modelling, coaching and facilitating professional learning for all. Each of our Learning Specialists brings a unique set of skills and knowledge that they share with staff and students.


This week, we would like to introduce… Stephanie Taylor.


Hello ACS Community!


My journey at ACS commenced when our school opened in 2018. I began as a classroom teacher in Prep, then after completing 6 months of teaching in the United Kingdom, I returned to ACS as a classroom teacher in Year 1/2. In Term 4 last year, I moved into the role of Learning Specialist - Positive Climate for Learning. My main focus is to support teachers to use effective teaching and learning practices that set and maintain a positive climate for learning, as well as to amplify opportunities to invigorate student voice and agency within our teaching and learning. 


This semester, our Student Representative Council (SRC) has worked hard to strengthen our school process for gathering and analysing student voice data. The SRC brainstormed, developed and launched feedback tubs in learning communities which has helped provide all students with an avenue for their voice to be heard. Through this process, students have had opportunities to provide their feedback on student-led initiatives within our school, such as clubs and our end of term 3 fundraiser. Below is an example of how the SRC gathered student input to decide who we will raise money for at our end of Term 3 Fundraiser. 

Next semester, we look forward to providing other students with the opportunity to be on the SRC, with new elections taking place early next term. Our new representatives will learn about the roles and responsibilities of being on SRC and support to embed the student feedback process within learning communities. After our new SRC is feeling settled, they will analyse student feedback on clubs, then brainstorm opportunities to improve them.


I look forward to meeting more ACS families, so please pop over and introduce yourself if you see me out and about in our school community!