Auslan Extra! 


Hello families, carers and the Armstrong Creek Community, 


Here is the 8th edition, I have been getting a lot of requests about how to sign “Happy Birthday” in Auslan. Here it is, it is straightforward, and it is in Auslan grammar not in English word order. For example, in one part of the song we say in English word order “to you” when we sing in English.. In Auslan we sign Happy Birthday – you (point). 


When we sign the person’s name, normally we either spell their full name, or use the person’s sign-name (if they have one), or for short we can use the first letter of their name and first letter of their surname and put them together example Andrew Welshe – fingerspell AW. 


YouTube Clip – How to sing Happy Birthday in Auslan


Enjoy, and have a fabulous safe holiday.