Dear families and friends of St Peter's

Refugee and Migrant Week 2019

Pope Francis said "Migrants and refugees are not pawns on the chessboard of humanity,"

In our world today there is an unprecedented 68.5 million people who have been forced from their home – among them, nearly 25.4 million refugees,

We have been reflecting and praying for refugees and migrants in our school this week.


The Junior children have shared a beautiful picture story book called 'No room on our Rock' , it tells the tale of a group of seals who fear the approach of a strange pair of seals, one a child, whose rock is being overwhelmed by the sea. The group of rock-dwellers refuse to allow the desperate and terrified pair to take refuge with them, stating that there is clearly no room. If you start reading at the back of the book, and read all the pages in reverse order, it becomes an uplifting tale of acceptance, encouragement, and hope. In the mirror-story, the seals on the rock welcome the struggling refugees, assuring them that there is plenty of room for them all, and encouraging them to leave the small beleaguered rock and to come share the much larger and safer one.  Refugees and migrants may be broken-hearted, but most are not hopeless. They want to build better, freer, more prosperous lives for themselves and their families, just like we all do.

St Peter's Playgroup

Next term we are starting a community playgroup here at St Peter's. All preschoolers are welcome. We will meet once a week so that the children can have an opportunity to play together and parents and caregivers can meet and have a chat. There will be a St Peter's staff member present to assist and help supervise. We would like to have expressions of interest of what day and what time would suit you, our families. Would 9 am in the morning be a good option after you have dropped off their brother or sister  or possibly 2.30pm before the afternoon pick up?

Please come and see me (Ms K ) and tell me what would be convenient for you. We welcome any suggestion you have regarding our new playgroup.

School Psychologist


Kelleynne is available for students who may be experiencing difficulty emotionally.  She is a  qualified Psychologist with experience working with children and their families.  This service is completely covered by Medicare. To access this service please speak to your child’s teacher or you can email or speak to Nerissa Kinnaird ~ Deputy Principal who will provide you with details on how to refer your child.  nkinnaird@spclayton.catholic.edu.au


It's important to stay warm during these colder months.

Please ensure your child comes to school with the correct layers of clothing on. Outside is chilly, and if it is not raining we will still venture outside for some well deserved running and exploring time.  Please note, we have now sold all our scarves and beanies which we had advertised in the previous newsletter.


Warm regards

Nerissa Kinnaird ( Ms K )


Deputy Principal and Wellbeing leader