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2019 ~ Premier's Reading Challenge


Dear Families,

I have had a number of questions about the Premier's Reading Challenge

Everyone at St. Peter's already registered. Your child's classroom teacher has the log in details. 

It is not too late to join. So far 69 students out of 175 students have started. Let's make it 175 students !!!

The Premier's Reading Challenge continues until 6 September. 


Where to get books for the Challenge

You should be able to find many suitable books in your school or local library. You may have books at home that you can add to your children’s reading lists. Remember too that you can add books that are not listed on the challenge book list - these can be added as personal choice books.

2019 book lists

Challenge checklist

Keeping a record is an important part of the challenge as it shows that you have read all the books you need to.


If you need any help please feel free to email me or come and talk to me


Miss Kim

Literacy Leader

Learning and Teaching Leader

Coding Club ~ Coding is thinking, reading and talking

Coding is also known as visual programming. There can be parallels between the design and development of solutions in Digital Technologies with the English curriculum.


When students encounter visual programming activities through creating their own digital stories, they need to be able to plan and design their key scenes and events, the characters and the activities that happen in each scene. They need to organise these logically and determine what code they need for each of their scenes. 


Being able to plan ahead and consider designs carefully means that when students go to code, they have clear goals. 


In thee photos the students have integrated the creation of digital narratives with Reading and Writing. What it positive about this approach is that the students are blending the two learning areas together. 


Within English, students are learning about narrative structures, and students spend time planning and developing their ideas for their narrative before they start to create their digital story. Within the Digital Technologies curriculum, students are learning about the fundamentals of using Block coding. From this, they can combine their planning and their new knowledge together to create a digital animation.  


Kim Davis

Literacy Leader

Learning and Teaching Leader

Coding Club is every Tuesday at lunchtime.

All students, teachers and parents are welcome!