Well-Being Feel Good Story from Onsite

The school term certainly has had a few very noticeable changes that have taken place. Along with the large trees being removed from the Foundation Playground, we have had to make massive changes for the delivery of our day to day learning tasks. 

Some of students are attending school as we offer the on-site attendance, which requires an application. Hope T (Year 3) is one of the students who is attending school and has shown tremendous leadership in her ability to engage and include all students inside and outside the classroom. We have been really proud of Hope wanting to make sure that others are able to play in games together and making their time at school as easy as possible. While we have these challenges, it is important to focus on some positives and Hope deserves a big pat on the back for her lovely nature towards all students at school. She always brings a smile to school and it’s having a positive influence on the students around her. 

Hope is enjoying the opportunity to work with different teachers and enjoying that there is lots of space in the playground so everyone can get along. But she is also missing playing with all her friends, the usual specialist classes and not having her classroom teacher help her.  

Keep staying positive and we look forward to sharing a positive story of a student working off site. 


Mr Searl