From Our Principal,

The return to school arrangements for the year 3 – 6 students seems to have gone really well,  however we need to remind all students from these classes that they are required at 9.10 am (unless they are escorting a sibling to class).


We strongly advise families to access the extended pick up and drop off zones across the front of the school.


Having children enter or exit a car from the middle of the road in a no standing zone is not acceptable under any circumstance. It is now time to use our Whats App spaces to highlight these shortcomings and raise the level of safety expectation for our drivers as they access the school each morning and afternoon.


Our staff have been putting the final touches to the mid-year reports. The new format reflects the direction from the Department of Education regarding the recent block of on line learning and the responses to COVID – 19. At the upcoming Parent Teacher interviews we will be able provide a clearer insight into the performance and learning directions for our students as we move into term 3.


The year 6-7 transition process will close soon. Our senior students have been asked to identify their 2021 school of choice and we will await the outcome of the external placement process.


Our PE program is using individual rubber balls to develop student's minor and major game skills. These individual rubber balls are washed and disinfected at the end of each session. These precautions are taken to reduce the risk of COVID - 19 transfer.


Inquiry units of study that look back over the last number of decades have been part of the Grade 1 and 2 program this week. I was able to watch our teachers move through the classes and share their activities and insights with the students.


End of term 2 on Friday June 26th is now fast approaching. Please remember we will finish at an earlier time than normal.  

  • Prep – at 2.10
  • Grade 1-2 at 2.20 and
  • Grade 3-6 at 2.30.

Brothers and sisters will leave at the earliest time of the youngest student being dismissed.


Chris Chant