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CJC Virtual Cross Country 2020


All students, teachers and parents are ‘invited’ to be part of history, by participating in the first ever CJC Virtual Cross Country Carnival! 


I have proposed a sample course (see images) at Caulfield Park however you can complete your run anywhere by completing the distances as specified by your category.


Entry category and distances are as follows:


  • Category 1: Prep, Grade 1, 2, & Dogs 750 metres
  • Category 2: Grade 3 & 4 1400 metres
  • Category 3: Grade 5, 6, parents, & teachers 2250 metres

There will be spot prizes for simply participating. Just notify Mr. Reese that you did the run/walk via email, Class Dojo, or Google Classroom and post a picture if you wish! 


Pictures of your dog completing the course will also be looked upon favourably. 


Competitors that wish to submit their times can also do this via the above methods.

Participants have until Monday the 25th of May to complete their run/walk. Competitive types can complete the course regularly and then submit your fastest times from their attempts. (Please don’t submit multiple times). 



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