From our Principal,


Our Essential Services program at the school has catered for many students over the last few weeks. Each Monday our year 6 students in the program have organised and run a socially distanced assembly. We have enjoyed sharing stories and action songs as well as some important news being shared at these gatherings. This is a picture of our assembly this morning.


Our focus over the last few school days has been around getting our classes and learning spaces ready for the return to school next Tuesday 26th May.


Our Prep, Year 1 and Year 2 classes commence next week. All entry point gates will be open and children can access the site from these entry points from 8.40 am. Staff will be on duty at each access point.


The entire front of the school has been designated as a pick up and drop off zone (morning and night) for the next five weeks. This change in normal parking regulations will ensure parents can smoothly access this space and remove the need for unnecessary adult contact.


Children returning to school will be in full school uniform, with a named drink bottle and their lunch/play lunch everyday. There are no lunch orders for at least the remainder of this term. Drinking fountains are not in operation at this time. 


Classes will all have access to hand sanitiser, hand washing as required and the class spaces have been set up to facilitate greater social distancing than the previous class structures allowed.


Children not attending school who are absent should have this recorded on Compass as we would normally do.


Children who display any signs of any illness should be kept home until all symptoms have ceased. Any unwell child at school will be isolated and must be collected and taken home immediately. Please have arrangements in place if you cannot get to the school quickly. 

There will be additional cleaning undertaken of high touch areas in classrooms, toilets and administration spaces each day. Our cleaning contractor is now providing additional cleaning staff and additional visits each day.


Parents visiting the general office need to use the Balaclava Road entrance, follow the directions and practice social distancing as they are served at the counter individually. This includes late sign-ins and early departures. 


Parents cannot come on site unless there is a prior arrangement and safety protocols are followed.


Parents will need to model social distancing and ensure that they clear the gate spaces as soon as their child has entered the school grounds.


Students and staff can wear masks if they choose to.


The DET mobile phone / smart watch policy will still apply.


There are many new challenges we must overcome as we return to school. Your understanding and support during the next few weeks will make this new set of challenges something we can take on with confidence. You have all been great over the last few weeks as you have supported your children as they have learnt from home.


More details will be sent later this week as we can confirm them and make our return to school as smooth as possible.


Chris Chant