Deputy Principal 


Dear Sacred Heart Community,


Premiers Reading Challenge

We celebrated all our participants today at assembly. A total of 2814 books were read for the month that we participated and 75% of Sacred Heart students completed the challenge which is an amazing effort. A big shout out to the teachers who created extra library sessions to help the students complete the challenge. A special mention to the Year 1 students and their teachers for supporting them as they had 100% of their class complete the challenge. 

Finally can I please thank Anna and Prem for all their hard work in setting up the challenge, marking off the books for the students and shelving the books for more students to borrow, this challenge wouldn’t have gone ahead without them. 


As Mark mentioned, we are so thrilled with our early analysis of our NAPLAN data. One of our annual action plan goals was to see an increase in the percentage of  Yr3 and Yr 5 students performing in the top 2 bands for writing. The table below shows how we exceeded our targets!


A Naplan Increase in the % of students in the Top Two bands in WRITING 


From 17% (2021) to - 25% (2022)


A Naplan Increase in the % of students in the Top Two bands in WRITING 


From 0%  (2021) to - 8% (2022)


Congratulations to all Year 3 & 5 students for not only your brilliant results but also for your resilience and persistence to continuously improve. 

Congratulations to all staff who are continuously trying to improve their craft to ensure the students of Sacred Heart are reaching their full potential.



Enjoy your weekend

Jess Herrick