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Nik Skrob 

Assistant Principal 

Wellbeing and Learning Support

Aussie of the Month

Well done to our September Aussies of the Month. Students who are selected for this award exemplify our school values every day. Please read below statements from classroom teachers about each student. 


"Brynn always comes to school with a smile on her face. She consistently demonstrates the school values. Brynn enjoys working with all members of the class and is respectful to all. It is a pleasure to have Brynn in the class."

  Mrs McCulloch


"Brynn is a kind and caring member of R8.  She is always ready and eager to learn, happy to give something new a go and takes pride in everything she does.   What a great start you have had to school, Brynn!  Congratulations on receiving this very special award." 

  Frau Edwards

Brynn Maida
Brynn Maida


"Savannah is a high-achieving learner that always strives for her personal best. She is helpful, encouraging and motivated inside and outside of the classroom. She consistently demonstrates the school values and aims high in her learning. Congratulations Savannah!"

Miss Bruorton

Savannah Staite
Savannah Staite

"Dimitri has stepped up as a senior student this year and is placing a strong emphasis on his learning, striving for his best and demonstrating our school value of Pursuit of Excellence. He is kind, considerate and respectful towards all staff and students. Dimitri, it has been great to see you grow in confidence and as a learner so far this year, you should be very proud of yourself. I can’t wait to see what else you are able to achieve in your final term at LNPS. Congratulations!"

  Miss Martin


Dimitri Pourniotis
Dimitri Pourniotis
Our September AOT month
Our September AOT month

Anti-Bullying Poster Competition 

Congratulations to our winners of the Anti-Bullying Poster Competition. It was an absolute pleasure to select winners from each part of the school. Thank you to the Student Wellbeing Ambassadors who worked alongside me in the selection process. 


Early years 

Winner - Vaishnavi Evuri M5

Runner up - Lydia Mussared R8 



Winner - Ananya Manjul T18 

Runner up - Lilly Braham T19 



Winner - Steele McLean F12 


Runner up - Poppy Borrelli F14


PCW Update 

I would like to welcome Amena Powell to LNPS. Amena has been selected to be our new Pastoral Care Worker (PCW). 


Amena has visited the school this week to meet students and staff and we are very eager for her to start in week 3 this term. 


Amena will send out information about herself in the next newsletter. We welcome Amena and know that she will be a fantastic addition to the LNPS team.