WELC Report

Message from the WELC Coordinator


- Mrs. Carmela Santucci

Westall English Language Centre welcomes its newly enrolled students into our learning community this term. The Language Centre classes have students from different parts of the world - China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia and Cambodia. Some students have a little knowledge of the English language and others have none.


It is wonderful to see how well our students have settled into their classes and how keen they are to improve their English language skills. As classmates, students work collaboratively learning and practising English. Challenges and expectations in learning are explicitly defined and teacher support and expertise in the area of EAL are paramount in assisting students achieve success in their learning.


This week, students participated in a number of activities based on Science. An incursion on Australian animals was a great success. Our students had the opportunity to see and touch some Australian animals, something that would not be possible in a public zoo. A trivia competition based on this educational incursion followed.

Also during Science week, the Language Centre students worked in teams to build a structure that would hold an egg for 10 seconds. Students were required to work collaboratively in the design and construction of this structure. The strategies team members used in communicating how to complete the challenge were many and varied. It was a great event, successfully completed by all teams.


WELC Art Elective

Students in the art elective demonstrated their scratch back techniques by creating animal scratch drawings. Using scratch paper covered with black ink and wooden scraper tools, they scratched back lines to reveal the striking rainbow colours underneath the black coating. 


Some examples of the students’ work is attached, which is also on display in A corridor next to A2.


Ms. Anna Kotsiou

WELC teacher

Wild Action – Australian Animal Incursion

On Tuesday, 13th August, WELC students enjoyed an exciting and informative session learning about Australian animals. The students had great fun patting and holding a variety of animals including lizards, a black-headed python, a koala, a wallaby, an owl, a frog, a crocodile and a turtle.


Group 1 students worked together in groups to summarise their experience as an acrostic poem which you can read below.



We did something yesterday

I am interested to tell you

Last time I saw the animals was in the zoo

Dangerous animals made me scared


And teachers let us touch them

‘Can I not touch them?’ I asked

The teacher told me, ‘Don’t be afraid!’

I tried to touch and hold them

Oh, the feeling was not bad

Natural world is wonderful


By Group 1 students, Carol and Karin





Australian wild animals are really interesting

Now some of them are almost extinct

I think they are not scary or dangerous at all

Many of them have beautiful scales and big green eyes

All of them are worth being taken care of instead of hunting

Listening to the speaker from the Wild Action can teach us

Some really useful information


By Group 1 students, Jasmine, Merlea & Abigail



Wild animals are

In danger because

Lots of people

Don’t care


About them

Caring for animals will

Take some time

It’s important for us to get

Organised and save them

Not kill and hunt them


By Group 1 students, Ahmad and Kieth



We attended school yesterday.

I was happy because we had people bring some animals to share with us.

Liking animals, I wanted to touch them but they were

Dangerous so I was scared they would be


Angry, but the people said, “Don’t be scared” and they were so

Clever so I

Touched them and the animals weren’t angry so

I was brave

Over time. I will not be

Nervous again.


By Group 1 students, Vivian and Jinying


Ms. Debby Morgan

WELC Teacher