Geography Fieldwork

It has been a busy few weeks in HASS, with three Year 10 Geography classes travelling to Cockburn Sound on Thursday 28 February as part of the fieldwork component of the course. Students are currently looking at the human impact on coastal areas and the trip enabled students to investigate land cover change in the areas of Point Peron, Rockingham, Kwinana and Port Coogee. The students collected primary data on coastal features at Point Peron, recreation and residential land use functions at Rockingham, heavy industry at Kwinana and finally examined a brand-new housing development at Coogee. They have also gained important geographical skills such as mapping and field sketching!




On Tuesday 12 March, the Year 11 Geography students attended the Hills Forest Centre as part of their study of bushfires. The ATAR Geography course involves the study of natural and ecological hazards and the proximity of the Hills Forest Centre provides a great opportunity for the boys to investigate bushfires in a setting which many are familiar with. The students investigated two areas – one a localised burn off and the other, a site that has not been subjected to a prescribed burn. The boys used fieldwork equipment to calculate fuel loads, slope, and soil conditions to assess the fire risk within these areas.



Fieldwork is an important part of Geography as it allows students to gather primary data for later analysis and helps to engage the subject. All the students enjoyed their days out from school – even if the fieldtrips were still an assessment item.


Anna Scanlan

Head of Humanities and Social Sciences