Chess Competition

The Pin Is Mightier Than The Sword

With 175 students signing up to compete in the Mazenod Trophy Chess Competition, the competition got off to strong start last week.  Rounds 1 to 4 comprised Y7 to 9 students and we have witnessed some excellent play from several budding Carlsen and Karpov’s plying their skills and strategically maneuvering their pieces around their boards. 


Mr Glenn Pabst has again this year accepted the role of adjudicator and the student leadership team has come aboard with 2 Y12 students assisting at every game.  We thank them all.


The Mazenod Trophy Chess Competition is now in its 9th year and each year it grows stronger with students from all Year levels keen to compete and demonstrate their prowess in this age-old game of strategy.  Next week we will announce the individual winners of Y7, Y8 and Y9 and across the next fortnight will provide updates relating to the competition.




For those of you that are curious about this article's title, read on below!

The Power of Pin in Chess


Penny Worthington

Head of McCarthy Library