Albini's House Day


Who Was Father Albini?


Father Albini was born in Mentone, Italy (now France), on November 26, 1790. In October, 1810, he entered the major seminary of Nice. After he was ordained a priest in 1814, his first ministry was in his home parish in Mentone. It was when he was helping the parish priest conduct a retreat for ex-prisoners and misfits in July of 1824 that he met Abbé Eugene de Mazenod.  Abbé Albini was struck by de Mazenod’s apostolic zeal and fraternal love.


 Fr Albini´s missionary activity was noted for soundness of doctrine, his concern to be understood by the people and, consequently, the use of simple and clear language.  Further, due to his personality, he became known for his ability to reconcile feuds between families and clans living in the areas that he evangelized. The living conditions of these people were far from easy. 


He became gravely ill at the end of 1838, and died on May 20, 1839. Fr Albini’s demise was felt as a huge loss for the people who lamented his passing and began to look upon him as a saint. He came to be known as the “Apostle of Corsica”.