Faith and Mission

Morning Mass 

Weekday Masses begin at 8:00am in the College Chapel, however, Wednesday morning Masses begin at 8:10am. This coming Wednesday’s Mass is being hosted by Years 7 and 11 in recognition of the Peer Support Programme. Below is a table outlining this term’s Wednesday Masses. Everyone from the Mazenod community is extended a warm invitation to attend any of these weekday Masses.


Term One: Wednesday Masses


Young Vinnies in Action


During Week Four the Young Vinnies leaders undertook leadership training at Tom Fisher House in Highgate. Tom Fisher House is emergency accommodation which provides a safe sleep for long-term rough sleepers with complex needs. Named after one of the St Vincent de Paul Society's (WA) longest serving volunteers Tom Fisher, the service was opened in June 2016 to help rough sleeping individuals and couples.



The boys spent the morning working with students from other Catholic schools to learn about homelessness and the work that the St Vincent de Paul Society does in supporting people and their families who find themselves in financial and personal crisis.

St Patrick’s Day


Saint Patrick’s Day, feast day (March 17) of St Patrick, patron saint of Ireland. Born in Roman Britain in the late 4th century, he was kidnapped at the age of 16 and taken to Ireland as a slave. He escaped but returned in about 432 to convert the Irish to Christianity. By the time of his death on 17 March, 461, he had established monasteries, churches, and schools. Many legends grew up around him—for example, that he drove the snakes out of Ireland and used the shamrock to explain the Trinity. Ireland came to celebrate his day with religious services and feasts.

Project Compassion


Students are asked to give generously to the Project Compassion box that is in their Forms and support Caritas Australia this Lenten season themed “Give Lent 100%”.


As Pope Francis said, “The future does have a name… and its name is hope.”


Through your generosity during Project Compassion this year, you are empowering communities with hope and helping those in great need to shape a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. 

Tati's Story


"Tati lives in the remote forest of Indonesia with her husband and children. Earning an income working in a local rubber plantation, her Dayak culture has relied on the rainforest for generations. However, due to land clearing, many indigenous people are losing their land and livelihoods. Through eco-tourism training supported by Caritas Australia, Tati can now afford to send her children to school. With new hope and commitment Tati aspires to a future free from poverty for her family."


Lives change when we all give 100%. 

You can donate through Form boxes or by visiting:

 Caritas - Project Compassion

or phoning 1800 024 413

Who Are The Poor?


In this reflection Henri Nouwen sets us a challenge to revisit what it truly means to experience poverty. Not just material poverty, but poverty of the heart and spirit.


Do we have the compassion to reach out to those around us who are experiencing spiritual, emotional or material poverty?


Do we have the courage to allow our own spiritual and emotional poverty to be exposed, making us vulnerable to others?


Are we willing in Henri’s words “to become the Church; that is, hold hands as brothers and sisters?”

Mazenod College KeepCups

The College is proud to launch their very own KeepCups for you to purchase. This initiative was developed by the Sustainability & Environment portfolio of the College and Campus ministry.

As part of promoting KeepCups to the College, the Young Vinnies will give 30% off the price of hot chocolates when a student purchases a hot chocolate with their KeepCup.

($1 instead of the usual $1.50).


Part of the proceeds of the sale will also go to Oblate missionary work in India, Sri Lanka and China.

KeepCup is the world’s first barista standard reusable cup. Purchasing a KeepCup for students is a practical and easy way to reduce waste and carbon emissions.

Takeaway coffee cups are lined on the inside with a plastic film, making them notoriously difficult to recycle. And most never even make it there no matter what bin you put them in because recycling streams are usually contaminated by supposedly ‘compostable’ or ‘biodegradable’ cups and lids that never actually compost or biodegrade because most places don’t have the infrastructure to do it.


Pope Francis, inspires and challenges us: “Each of us also has a responsibility for others and for the future of our planet”

Follow this link: 

Buy a KeepCup Now


Damian Wallis

Director of Faith and Mission