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Twenty-First Century Skills

Many of us have come across the term 21st Century skills. These are the abilities, skills and learning dispositions that prepare our youth for success in a rapidly changing, digital society - present and future. They are essential skills we teach, but we neglect at our peril the promotion of reading and writing - the cradle of ideas. Two Mazenod programs demonstrate the need to straddle both areas.

Just Start It


This week we launched the ‘Just Start It’ program. Our Gifted and Talented Co-ordinator, Ms Sue Biffin, has brought this exciting program to our college and it certainly provides an amazing opportunity for students in Year 10 to create, explore, discover and innovate in the name of developing a ‘pop-up’ business idea. The program provides an external mentor to assist the various student groups in the development of their entrepreneurial skills.

Mazenod Literature Festival

“A good book for a boy is one he wants to read.” Next week we host the annual Mazenod Literature Festival and we have six outstanding authors presenting to the students and conducting smaller workshops with students. This is an enriching program and it never fails to grab the imagination and attention of our boys. In every enrolment interview I ask the young boy in front of me what he is reading and we discuss the importance of being an active reader as a boy or man. I urge every parent to support reading in their family environment. Certainly, our appetite in society to consume quick bites of information through narrower and narrower means works against the time-honoured practice of sitting with a book, its ideas, its creativity and possibilities. Ms Julia Farinaccio, Head of English, writes further on the festival in this edition of the newsletter. Thank you to the English Department and Library for their encouragement outside the classroom to foster boys’ engagement with books.

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11 April 2019


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