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Ms Belinda Nechwatal, Sienna, Thien An & Henry

Sustainabilty & Gardening News

Hi everyone!  

Gardening Fun

Today we started feeding our composting worm farms. This will be a great step towards reducing Trinity’s food waste and will make rich worm hastings to help our garden grow beautifully. It is so exciting to see how our vegetables are thriving! Our students picked silverbeet, bok choy, pak choy, parsley, lettuce and calendula flowers  today and are looking forward to contributing to family dinner time tonight! 

Our calendula flowers are blooming and we’re enjoying harvesting them and munching on the yummy petals. We try to always leave some flowers in the garden because they provide great food for the bees. 


We would love to see any photos of our produce taken home being included in your dinner!  If you take a photo, please send to


Things we need!

Wooden spoons - to make decorative plant labels for our vegetable gardens.

We still need more paper bags to take our veggies home in. Please leave at the office, labelled “Miss Belinda”. Thank you!

3/4 TR win Nude Food this week, with a 16 rubbish free lunches! Well done! They were followed by3/4BIC and 5/6Fa with 13, Prep with 11, 5/6MG with 10 and 1/2MB and 1/2UR with 9 waste free lunches.

Some yummy ideas - a sandwich/wrap/roll, pasta with vegetables, soup, frittata or sushi, a fruit or vegetable snack, such as whole fruit, cut up veggie sticks, fruit or savoury kebab or a small salad. 

There is a great booklet of ideas here 

NFM-RECIPES-BOOKLET-HQ.pdf - Nude Food Day › 2016/08 › NFM...


Thanks everyone for your great efforts in helping us live in a way that is kinder to our environment!


Have a great week everyone!

Ms Belinda with the Sustainability team Sienna, Thien An & Henry.