Prep CD   Faith Life Inquiry

Ms Caitlin

This week in Prep we learnt about schools in the past. Mrs Boffa visited our class and taught us about the history of Trinity Primary School. She brought in some old school uniforms, pictures of students from a long time ago and even let some of us have a go ringing the old school bell! 


It was awesome learning about the history of Trinity Primary with our special guest. Thank you Mrs Boffa for making our Inquiry unit so much fun!


“In the olden days they didn’t have bells on the speaker so the teachers had to be strong to ring the bell loudly” - Phoebe


“I saw a picture of Mrs Recce in the olden days” - Thomas


“100 years ago they didn’t have laptops or iPads at school! I would not like to have gone to school in the olden days!” - Liv 


“I liked looking at different pictures from a long time ago” - Quentin