Message from 

Nurse Janice

Dental Van

Dental Van is still here at least one day a week and continues to work through screening and treatment required for students who returned consent.


Wellbeing Staff have attended training in Mindfulness over last term and will be running a pilot program with students in Foundation and Grade 1&2 this term using the Smiling Minds School Program. 

This mindfulness-based social and emotional learning program equips children with the skills they need to thrive in life, by building healthy minds and engaged classrooms.

For more information check out this link below which also includes kids- care packs that your students may enjoy at home, or contact me via the Wedderburn College office.

Year 7 Immunisation 

Year 7 Immunisations will be conducted on Thursday 6th October. This will be the HPV second dose.


Janice Deocampo

School Nurse